Cleanse and Detox Naturally (Part 2: Nutrition and Exercise)

Welcome, welcome to the twenty-second episode of the Be Healthy and Thrive Podcast!

My name is Brianna Wilkerson from Made Well, holistic coaching practice designed to empower others to be healthy and thrive in all areas of their lives.

I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach on a mission to see others move from a place of feeling defeated and discouraged in their whole health and life, to living and walking in victory, freedom, and empowerment.

I’m also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and see them as an amazing natural solution that can help individuals thrive not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, and vocationally as well.

This twenty-third episode is all about cleansing and detoxing naturally with nutrition and exercise and how you can make it sustainable for yourself in the long run.

This is the second of five episodes in this Cleanse and Detox Naturally series with Hannah, and I will be releasing one episode each week!

Please Note: I’ve been slowly putting my podcast episodes on iTunes and was only able to put so much on last month, so this will be released via video until further notice 🙂

Here’s a bit on Hannah!

Hannah Parker is a Thyroid Nutrition Coach. She helps women who have been diagnosed with Thyroid Disease or suspect they are showing symptoms of the disease, balance naturally through food and lifestyle strategies.  

After dealing with autoimmune health struggles for several years, Hannah discovered the powerful role that nutrition played in her own healing.  She has maintained a vibrant state of health ever since reducing the toxic load in her own life and nourishing her body through whole food nutrition and has become relentless about helping other women experience the same victory

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In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How to naturally cleanse and detox with nutrition and exercise!
  • What foods you can start adding in this New Year to jumpstart your detox daily, plus learn about the concept of crowding out
  • Hannah suggests a simple tip for consistent exercise in the New Year: just keep moving so the toxins keep moving out rather than remaining stuck in your body. Plus why
  • Hannah recommends starting the day with jumping on a trampoline!
  • Finding the one thing you do enjoy can help you move more and do it joyfully and consistently
  • Setting realistic goals and being intentional with exercise can be helpful in your journey and make it more sustainable for you
  • Brianna’s offers in terms of support you may need on this journey, including Whole30 program and essential oils classes
  • Hannah’s services she currently offers, including a mini-course on thyroid care, coaching packages, and a freebie

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