Do you find yourself feeling stressed out when the topic of money comes up?

Find yourself feeling like money is controlling you versus you controlling it?

Are you ready to find a way of relating to your money mentally and practically that will finally give you the financial freedom you long for?

Does this all sound familiar to you?

    • You want to be able to make money and do the things you love, but never feel like you will have enough 
    • You want to feel free when it comes to money instead of stressed and out of control
    • You want to see money as a tool for good, instead of evil
    • You want to feel open to giving, receiving and saving instead of feeling like you have to hold on to everything
    • You want to find a system of tracking your money that is simple and not overwhelming like most systems out there

All of the statements above? That was me for the most of my life.

Listen to my story

​Before I became a full-time entrepreneur and Holistic Health and Life Coach, I was an accountant by trade.

However, I struggled to feel like I would ever have "enough money" or that I handled it well even while I was an accountant making a steady income.

When I went from being employed to being my own employer, I was forced to deal with how I viewed and treated money. If I didn't, then no way was I going to charge the right prices or create a sustainable business.

​So I went on a money healing and restoring journey. And it was tough - and a lot of stuff came up. I read as much as I could, spoke with mentors and coaches as much as I could, and was honest with myself.

And through it all, I was able to come out on the other side and see that instead of money being something that was "evil" or something I shouldn't desire or want, that it was "beautiful" and was a catalysts for beauty, enjoyment and change in this world.

​And I know you can feel this same way too!

And here's how...

Brianna Wilkerson
​Holistic Health and Life Coach
Founder of Made Well

​Financially Fit and Free:
Finding Fitness and Freedom in Your Finances

My Financially Fit and Free Coaching Programs are all about helping you find peace, joy and freedom in your finances for good.

My Financially Fit & Free Programs:

Face Your Finances Challenge + Masterclass

Face Your Finances and find freedom for only $97 USD

This is a course designed to help you find freedom in your finances via prerecorded challenge + Masterclass

Topics include:

1. Defining what money is
2. Money mindset
3. Money personalities
4. Money management
5. Investment Trainings
6. Practical examples on how to face your finances once and for all

Learn more about what's included in the button below:

Beautiful Money: Restoring Your Relationship With money

Restoring your definition of money, mindset and management for only $49 USD

This is a course designed to help you find freedom in your finances via prerecorded challenge + Masterclass

Topics include:

1. Introduction to Beautiful Money + Defining What Money Means To You
2. Money Mindset
3. Money Management

Resources Include:

1. Powerpoint Slides

2. Money Mindset Questionnaire

3. Money Affirmations Worksheet

4. Money Management Worksheet

Learn more about what's included in the button below:

90 Minute Coaching Intensive

90 Minute Coaching Intensive to Find Freedom, Joy and Peace in Your Finances and Relationship with Money

​You will get time, space and resources to face your finances and become financially fit and free

What you'll get:

1. (1) 90 Minute Coaching Session OR (2) 45 minute coaching sessions
2. (1) Week of Unlimited E-Support
3. Lifetime access to the Face Your Finances Challenge + Masterclass
4. Uncover limiting beliefs you have around money and create new thought patterns and habits to shift your relationship with money forever

What People are Saying...



Female Attendee , Artist and Entrepreneur

Since attending the Beautiful Money workshop, my husband and I have been going through the worksheets and are starting to think different about money! Working on our budget is next! I'm looking forward to the upcoming workshops around this topic!



Trisha Johnson , Real Estate Agent

I took the Beautiful Money class because I wanted to improve my relationship and mindset on Monday. During the class, I learned how unhealthy my relationship with money was and how that can lead to an unhealthy quality of life. However, I also learned that if we can change our mindset, we can change our relationship and view on money. From this class, I came up with a plan to start budgeting and making a financial plan and a list of resources to gain more knowledge and understanding on having a positive money mindset so that I could finally start to have a positive money mindset and be able to improve my financial health.



Art Nest Entrepreneur Circle Member , Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

After the live session, Brianna gave us homework to go through around our money mindset and management. I started to budget and track my finances and realized that I actually didn't spend money the way I thought I did and wasn't actually spending much in certain categories. I also started to envision what I could do with my passion once I started to control my finances and it gave me hope as to one day truly fulfilling my passion and dreams.