Have you been wondering what your purpose is, how to pursue it or even how to maximize all the potential that is within you?

You're not alone in your thoughts! Many of us are on the same journey and are eager to know who we are, why we were created, what we were meant to do and how to go about doing it.

As a woman, it's even harder to find your unique purpose as sometimes it feels that women are only supposed to follow a certain path or that only "special women" can do the thing they are passionate about and feel called to.

Well, I'm here to say that thinking is wrong and that all women (you included) have a unique calling on their lives and were created for more than what most of us are living.

My Purpose Story

Over the last 10 years, I've gone on a journey of discovering who I am, what I'm called to do and how to do it. 

It all started when I went to college and started to investigate more of who God was and why he created me. I came to learn how loved I was, how much his image was in me, and how much worth I carried just by being created by an amazing Creator.

From then, my purpose became clear: as His child, I was called to love Him and love others

Now, how that played out in my life has differed over the years and will continue to be expressed in a variety of unique ways.

One of the ways this purpose has been played out is in my vocation, or calling to a certain occupation and career. I began to love coaching women and found myself leading a Christian small group called "Women of Worth" on campus where together, we journeyed to find our worth in God and not in other things such as men, academics, or beauty. 

And I LOVED every minute of it. From this, I was sure I was supposed to be a spiritual coach for women. 

Then after moving back home and going on a healing and restorative health journey, I felt a deep calling to become a health coach for women and others who wanted to experience freedom, transformation and wholeness on their health journey as well.

So after some time of saving and waiting, I started my health coaching certification and started my business, Made Well

Yet, as I journeyed as a health coach I began to see how I loved holistically coaching women, especially in areas such as their businesses and purposes because I wanted to see them pursue their passion and dreams just like I did.

Enters in purpose coaching and the online community and movement,
Women of Health and Purpose



Bonnie McConaughy , Blogger and Freelance Writer

When I booked my call with Brianna, I wanted help with my business for doing videos because I admired her so much for her own videos! My goal was to come away with more confidence and maybe even direction to do videos, live or otherwise! Brianna really helped me with direction, as well as feeling more confident and determined, to do some videos for my own blog and social media pages. I really enjoyed our chat and came away feeling inspired and motivated. I always look forward to her tips and conversations in her Facebook groups, Women of Health and Purpose and Health Coaches That Thrive, because they are full of so much value and relatable information!

You too were created with a purpose.

Regardless if you believe in God or not, I believe you too were created amazing and were created with an amazing purpose.

As your purpose coach, I will journey with you in your purpose filled journey in discovering:

  • Who You Truly Are
  • What Lights You Up
  • Your Unique Purpose
  • How to Maximize Your Potential
  • How to Create a Plan of Action to Pursue and Thrive In Your Purpose

Welcome to the Women of Health & Purpose - Purpose Coaching Programs.

These purpose programs and packages are designed to help you live the purpose-filled life you were created for. Together, we’ll explore your purpose specific to you as an individual and come up with action steps and tools to push back any limiting beliefs or obstacles and move forward in your purpose-filled life. 

There are 2 packages you can choose from to start your thriving journey!

  • Purpose Catalytic Intensive (90 Minutes)
  • Discover, Pursue and Thrive 1:1 Coaching (6 Months)


Kathryn Rebernick , Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant/Blogger

WHY DID I COME TO BRIANNA FOR COACHING? Truth be told, God led me to her. God laid it on my heart to help other women. I was praying and reading my Bible and seeking the exact way I was to help women (there are so many ways to help others 🙂 ). That night he made it clear I should help other women know their role in His purpose. The next day she promoted her "Women of Purpose" group (now the Women of Health and Purpose group) in a group we were both in. That solidified what God called me to, and I immediately clicked to join her group. ♡ God calls and God provides!

WHAT IS MY GOAL FOR MY PURPOSE JOURNEY AND THE SESSION WE HAD? In general, my goal is to follow God and help other women do the same, and be content with the unique work God has in store for us, and honor Him where we are. Brianna helped me see how I can best reach out and find those women to help.

HOW WAS SHE ABLE TO HELP ME WORK TOWARD MY GOALS FOR MY BUSINESS? I vocalized my thoughts on my calling, and she offered ideas on how to bring it to fruition, and how to present it whether or not I monetize it, and how I could use my direct sales business as a platform as well.

HOW HAS IT BEEN WORKING WITH HER AND WOULD YOU RECOMMEND HER TO OTHERS? I enjoy her encouragement, advice, and genuine heart. You know she is sincerely there for you and deeply cares for you and wants to help you reach your best to the best of her abilities. Yes, I would highly recommend her to others!

Purpose Catalytic Intensive

90 Minute Intensive to catalyze you forward in discovering, pursuing and thriving in your purpose

  • (1) 90 Minute Coaching Session + Email Support (1) Week After
  • Uncovering and mastering any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in moving forward in your purpose (I.e. fear of failing, fear of not being qualified, etc.)
  • Mastering Your Mindset around who you are (your unique make-up, gifts, personality, passions, strengths, behaviors, etc.)
  • Clarifying your passion (what makes you come alive and lights your heart up)
  • Discover your unique potential and the impact you can make on this world
  • Determining the next best steps to help propel you forward in your purpose-filled life and journey
  • Uncovering and mastering any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in moving forward in your purpose (i.e. fear of failing, fear of not being qualified, etc.)
  • Access to Women of Health and Purpose 

Investment: $250 CI or $299 USD

Discover, Pursue and Thrive (3 Month Coaching Program)

3 Month 1:1 Coaching Program to Give You the Support and Strategy You Need to Discover, Pursue and Thrive in Your Purpose

During our 3 months together we'll cover:

  • Developing a deeper understanding of who you are and your unique make up
  • Clarifying your passion, potential and purpose and how to pursue them
  • Creating a plan of action in pursuing and thriving in your purpose
  • Addressing limiting beliefs, mindsets and fears that are holding you back
  • Strategies to develop self-care as you pursue your purpose
  • Post-purpose coaching strategy and plan for thriving in your purpose

During our 3 months together you will get:

    • (6) 1:1, 50 Min Coaching Sessions, 2 per month
    • (1) 90 Min Purpose Catalytic Intensive
    • Email and an Individualize Check-in System, with access between calls whenever you need extra support 
    • Bonus: Access to the Healthy and Thriving Members Club, which includes group coaching calls, trainings and resources, accountability partner and a private FB group
    • Additional materials and resources to help you grow in your purpose


3 Monthly Payments of $350 CI or $399 USD

Healthy and Thriving Women's Members Club

A membership community for you to get the support you need to care for your whole health and whole life

Are you ready to find a way to care for your whole health and life so that you can finally live the healthy life and purpose you long for and deserve?

    • Support in the 7 PIllars of health - spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, relational, financial and vocational
    • Archive of Trainings - available on demand
    • Monthly Trainings - from me and/or guest experts
    • Group coaching calls 
    • Bonuses: Private Facebook Group, Accountability Partner and Membership Directory

Investment:  $49 USD/month or $119 USD/quarter

Be sure to join our amazing community, Women of Health and Purpose, to further receive the support you need to discover, pursue and thrive in your purpose!

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