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Brianna Wilkerson
Holistic Health and Life Coach
Essential Oils Educator

Physical Health

In addition to my health coaching programs and packages, you can purchase some products and courses below to support you in your physical health goals!

30 Day Fitness Plan

$7  USD

his plan includes 6 days of workout each week, with 1 day off for the body to rest. Using 5 simple cardio-based exercises such as walking, jogging, jumping jacks, running, and even cleaning, the plan is designed in such a way to help you track your fitness improvements throughout the 30 days!

7 Day Healthy Body Challenge

$27 USD

7 Part Series filled with a Masterclass training, Q&A videos and worksheets to focus on giving you a health body through nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, digestion, reducing your toxic load and mindset/habits. 

Whole30 Made Easy 6 Week Program

$199 USD or $399 USD (Early Bird Pricing for January Program)

This 6 week program is designed to help you reset your body and physical health through nutrition, exercise, stress, management, sleep, digestion, natural solutions, and mindset and habits. Group Coaching or Group+ 1:1 option is available for January Whole30. Early Bird pricing ends Decemebr 15th, 2017!

Essential Oils

Price varies

Essential oils are a GREAT resource for your physical health, but also emotional and mental, and so much more! Learn more below!

Meal Plans by Real Plans

Price varies

Great tool to help you plan your meals and customize it to your preference and diet!

Financial Health

In addition to my purpose and business coaching programs, you can purchase some products and courses below to support you in your personal or business financial goals!

Beautiful Money: Restoring Your Relationship with Money

$ 47  USD

Reach your financial goals and freedom by restoring your relationship with money through money mindset and management.

Want some more hands on, 1:1 support in your health and life goals? Check out my coaching programs!

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