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Meet Brianna Wilkerson

Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health and Life Coach with her business, Made Well. Her heart and passion is to see others be healthy and thrive in their whole health and life. Using her experience as an accountant, education as an MBA, and as the former YCLA 2016 Recipient and current YCLA Coordinator for the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation, she has chosen to make her life's work about seeing others shift from less to more in their career, relationships, health, mindset, soul and ultimately, their entire lives.

Brianna also is an Essential Oils Advocate for doTERRA International and see essential oils as amazing natural solutions that can help individuals use non-toxic solutions for both themselves and loved ones. Brianna is also a Founding Member of Clinical Oils, an international organization dedicated to giving clinics and clinicians the tools, information and office protocols to transform your patient's physical, chemical and emotional health through the proper application of essential oils. Lastly, Brianna is also a Founding Member of Shift Now, a  collective of executive and leadership coaches on a mission to empower everyday leaders to connect to their purpose and influence the world around them.

Brianna also share hers message and thoughts on healthy, thriving and flourishing living on her podcast, the
Be Healthy and Thrive Podcast. You can find it on iTunes (here) or on her website (here).

​Book Brianna to Speak at Your Event or Organization

Brianna is passionate about speaking to young students, young adults and those in the corporate world and community about taking action to grow, develop and flourish in their whole health and lives.

Whether it's a Keynote Speech, Workshop or Retreat, Brianna would love to encourage, motivate and inspire those in your community and organization.

Potential Speaking Topics:


Goal Setting for a Flourishing Life

The only way to a fulfilling and flourishing life is to know where you are and where you want to be. In this workshop, we take stock of where we are in 7 different areas of our health and life and create goals to grow in the areas we need more nourishment and satisfaction in.


Defining the Road to Success

We spend too much time trying to achieve other people's version of success. Knowing who you are, what you love to do, and how to do it and make a living out of it is the key to success. In this workshop, we discuss a 7 step process to achieving your version of success for your life.


Face Your Finances 

In this workshop, we will work on defining what
money is to each participant, boosting money
mindset, developing simple money management
principles, and provide the tools needed to face
finances with freedom, hope and joy.


Catalyze Your Purpose

We all have a beautiful, unique purpose here on this
earth. Yet, many of us spend years doing things we
don't enjoy and never following our passions. In this
workshop, we will go through a 7 step process in
discovering, pursuing and thriving in your purpose
so you can shift from surviving to thriving in every
part of your life.


Creating Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results

By unpacking our beliefs and thoughts, we are truly
able to see what habits we need to get rid of and which
ones we need to start doing to create the reality and
life we long for and deserve. In this workshop, we will
do just that and together be empowered to create
mindsets and habits that will lead to successful and
powerful results.


Why It's Not Just About Diet and Exercise

During this workshop, we will work to identify what
areas of your health and life participants are
satisfied/disatisfied in and together create an action
plan to start thriving in all areas of health and life.


Managing Stress in Life and Work

During this workshop, we will discuss various
tools and strategies to help you eliminate,
reduce and cope with the stressors in your life.
Tools and resources included things like
breathing exercises, journaling, essential oils
and more


Cleanse and Detox Naturally with Whole30 and Essential Oils

In this workshop, we will discuss 7 different tips
and areas of physical health and create a plan
to cleanse and detox naturally all year round so
that participants can feel the healthiest,
energetic and best ever. The Whole30 and Essential Oils are two of the ways you can apply the 7 different tips.


Nutrition and Meal Planning

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of
helping you create a nutrition plan that is
unique for individuals and how to plan
meals in line with that plan in a fun and
simple way.


Essential Oils 101

During this workshop,we we will discuss the
basics of what essential oils are, the top
10 essential oils everyone should have in their
home, and how to use those oils in everyday life.


Loving God with Your Whole Health and Life

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of
how to love and honor God in 7 different areas of your health and life. 


Emotional Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

During this workshop,we we will discuss the power of aroma on your emotions and how essential oils can help shift and shape your emotions and behavior.

What Others Are Saying:


Stacy Foster, Owner at Vintage.ky and Mentor with 100WF Girl Force

Thanks for your great spirit and your willingness to assist with the girls.  You made your impact felt today.

April Cummings, Cayman Life Owner

There's something about you that just comes out when you speak. You're strong in your faith, and you've found your purpose . I wish someone told me I could have a purpose driven life when I was younger.

Audrey Rankin,  Associate at Maples, Mentor at 100WF Girl Force

Thank you again for sharing with the girls in the GirlForce programme your journey and great tips on finding the road to success.  It was certainly very inspirational and motivational.

Let Brianna inspire, motivate, and encourage your people today! 

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