Are you tired of trying multiple diets and eating plans with no long term gain or result?

Are you ready to be empowered to understand the WHY behind why certain foods or "healthy" or not, and start to enjoy food again?

Does this all sound familiar to you?

  • You've tried every diet under the sun but you just can't seem to find a way of eating that will help you lose the weight, get fit, and stay that way
  • You are tired of feeling deprived and want to enjoy the food you are eating
  • You have struggled with some digestive, skin, and energy issues and can't seem to find the solution
  • You are tired of eating salads and other healthy foods that are bland and have no taste
  • You have lost hope that you will ever be able to get your eating, exercise and overall health under control

All of the statements above? That was me for the most of my life.

Whole30 Made Easy

A 6-Week eating & lifestyle transformation program to reach your physical health goals and more

January 22nd-March 4th, 2017

$299 USD (Group)
$499 USD (1:1 + Group)

Listen to my story

I tried almost every diet known to man, worked out consistently for a time period than stopped and have struggled to see food as a good thing. I struggled to accept my body's shape and look and did whatever I could to get slim and look perfect.

It wasn't until June 2013 when I felt God calling me to pursue health holistically and for the long term, that things started to change.

I started to look at health from a holistic point of view and started to care about myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I started to make better food choices out of love for myself instead of just to lose weight. I even started exercising consistently by simply walking outside a few days a week.

And then in October of 2014, my friend and I did the Whole30 and it forever changed my life.

Not only was I able to enjoy real, whole foods without thinking about calories but thinking about quality, I was able to beat my sugar cravings, make some not so healthy recipes - healthy, and enjoy healthy eating again.

And even overcome the constant digestive issues I struggled with, while losing fat and inches!

And if I - someone who struggled with eating, her weight, and diets for so many years - could overcome and be transformed by a program like Whole30, you can too!

Brianna Wilkerson
Holistic Health & Success Coach
Founder of Made Well

It's time for the change and transformation you desire in your health and to move past the regrets of yesterday and focus on the hope for today and tomorrow.
It's time to stop into the thriving health you desire and deserve.

I want to help you!

Lose weight for GOOD.

You want to lose weight and not have it come back. I want to help you find a way to reach your ideal weight, in a healthy and sustainable way!

Find exercise you enjoy and get back in shape.

You may think exercise is a means to an end and something that will never be enjoyable. I want to help you find exercise that you enjoy, get you fit and back in shape!

Eat healthy without feeling deprived.

You may think if it taste good, it's not good for you. I want to help you find and prepare meals that are both healthy and delicious!

Feel good about yourself and your body again.

You may lack confidence in who you are and how you look. I want to help you love yourself and feel good about who you are and how you look again!

Find a community that supports you.

You may feel you are alone in your health and life struggles. I want to connect you with others who have or are going through the same struggles and who can support you, encourage you and be there for you every step of the way!

Finally find balance, victory, and freedom in all areas of your life.

A healthy lifestyle is about more than eating and exercise. I want to help you manage stress, get sleep, follow your dreams and be healthy and thrive in all areas of your life!

Here's how I'm going to help you...

Whole30 Made Easy

A 6-Week eating & lifestyle transformation program to reach your physical health goals and more

January 22nd-March 4th, 2017

The Whole30 Made Easy program is a 6-week program designed to equip you with the support and resources necessary to succeed on the Whole30 eating program and experience lifelong transformation in your physical health and beyond.


$299 USD (Group)
$499 USD (1:1 + Group)

But, What is Whole30?

Whole30 is an elimination diet where for 30 days (if you do the FULL RESET), you eliminate certain foods like grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes, and preservatives to allow your body, mind and cravings RESET.

The whole point of this challenge is to help you detox your body of chemicals and things that don't belong, discover what foods work and don't work for you, reach your health goals in a sustainable way, and have fun journeying with others in this process!

But, I can't eat my favorite foods?

I know this sounds crazy, strict and un-doable.
May even almost feel even more depriving than diets you've down in the past.
But I will promise you when I say that this is the complete opposite.

During the Whole30, you will learn the WHY behind why certain foods are good for you and which ones aren't. You will also learn how those foods affect you and how changing your thinking and habits, can change your health forever.

You will start to not only see the Whole30 challenge as a way of eating healthier, but also a way of caring for your health holistically - mind, body, spirit, relationships, and more!

The 7 Pillars of Physical Health

Your physical health is so much more than just what you eat and how much you exercise. It's linked to your stress levels, amount of sleep you get, your digestive and intestinal health, the products you use to clean and on your skin, levels of fun and play, your mindset and so much more! During the Whole30, we will look the seven areas below:


At the base of any health program and your overall wellness, is what you eat. We will look into how you can shift what you eat so that you can experience true health and results. We will also look at WHY certain foods are healthy for you and certain foods aren't, to empower you to know how food actually affects you and your body.


We were made to move, but in today's age it's becoming increasingly easier NOT to move. We will look at simple strategies and exercises to help you develop a consistent and sustainable exercise routine that will not only give you the results you desire, but you will enjoy doing.


Stress is something that impacts just about every part of your physical health, body and life. The hormones that get released when you are stressed can wreak havoc on your body and prevent you from reaching and maintaining your health goals and results. We will look at simple ways to mange your stress effectively.


Lack of sleep is one of the main culprits for lack of results in our physical goals. When you sleep, your body restores itself and can't function properly. When you don't sleep, you make unhealthy choices in every area of your life. We will look at simple ways to help you start getting the sleep you need and deserve.


When it comes to your gut, about 60 to 80% of your immune system is in your gut. So what you eat, affects how healthy your whole body is. We will look at simple ways for you to care for your digestive health so that you can be well, be energized, and have a proper running immune system.

Reduce Toxic Load with Natural Products & Solutions

Toxins are silently taking away our health and vitality. Through this program, we will look at more natural ways to care for your body, skin, hair, emotions and overall well-being using simple solutions like essential oils, natural soaps and cleaners, and more.

Mindset, Habits, and Other Areas of Our Lives

Our mindset and habits are two of the most important components of our success in just about anything, but especially in our health goals. Our beliefs and thoughts will always drive our behavior, so it's important to analyze what beliefs, thoughts, and habits aren't serving you and to change them. It's also equally as important to look at other areas of your health and life such as relationships, fun, self-care, and so much more. We will look at these during our 6 weeks together.

What's Included:

Welcome and Preparation Packet

Prepare for the Whole30 from EARLY

To help you prepare for the Whole30 well, you will receive access to the following resources and trainings once you sign up:

1. Whole30 + Essential Oils Webinar: Masterclass around incorporating whole foods and natural solutions like essential oils into your life. Explains the basics of Whole30 and essential oils to prepare you for the challenge.

2. Whole30 Resource Guides: Various guides to help you succeed on the Whole30, such as: the program rules, shopping list, common additives cheat sheet, meal template guide, seasonal produce guide, guide to sneaky sugars, pantry stocking guide, dining out and traveling guide, speciality shopping lists (vegan, autoimmune, etc.), non-scale victory checklist, list of books, etc.

3. Uncovering Your View Towards Food: Mini training around the different views you can have of food and how to shift them to get the results you desire.

4. Whole30 Blog Posts Archive: Access to all of my Whole 30 Blog Posts, journeying my experience during Whole30 as well as tips around completing the Whole30 successfully.

5. Recipe Packet: Whole30 Recipe Ideas to help you prepare for the Whole30.

6. Training on a Whole30 Recipe Database: Training on how to use the Real Plans database to customize your Whole30 based on your preferences around food choices.

7. Fitness Plan: 30 Day Fitness Plan to help you jump start your fitness routine in a safe, sustainable and effective way.

8. Essential Oils 101 Webinar: During the 6 weeks, I will be sharing on how you can use essential oils to help you reach your health and wellness goals. This webinar will help prepare you for those trainings.

Weekly Trainings and Resources

Weekly Support for Lifelong Transformation

Each week, a video training with notes will be released. These are designed to help you focus on how you can succeed on the Whole30 in not just eating, but in other areas of your health and life. The following topics will be addressed:

1. Week 1: Preparation for the Whole 30:

- How to prepare for the Whole30

- Deciding What Reset To do

- Recipes and Preparation Packet

- Tutorial on a Meal Planning Tool

- Bonus: Essential Oils 101

2. Week 2: Nutrition and Exercise:

- Four Good Food Standards

- Why Eating Certain Foods is Beneficial

- What To Eat

- How To Meal Plan

-  Whole30 Approved Products

- Exercise Plan and Fitness Ideas

- What to Expect on Whole30 (how you will feel) ​

- Bonus: Essential Oils for Nutrition and Exercise

3. Week 3: Stress and Sleep:

- The Impact of Stress and Lack of Sleep On the Body

- Bonus: Essential Oils for Stress and SleepSimple Tips to Stress Less and ​

4. Digestion and Reduce Toxic Load

- Digestion and Gut Health

- Mid Whole30 Check In

- Bonus: Essential Oils for Digestion

- Bonus: Essential Oils to Reduce Your Toxic Load

5. Week 5: Mindset, Habits and Other Areas of Health and Life

- Celebrating Victories and Establishing Healthy Habits

- Empowering Yourself and Persevering

- Other Areas of Your Health and Life

- Bonus: Informed Self Care, Proactive Medical Care, and Emotions and Essential Oils

6. Week 6: Reintroduction after the Whole30

- Celebrating Success, Stages of Change, and Feedback

- Deciding to Continue or Not

- Reintroduction Schedule and Getting More Support

- Bonus: Essential Oils 101

Group Coaching Calls

Space to get the support you need from your coach and community

There will be (3) group coaching calls to give you the support and encouragement you need during the program. Calls will be held in the 1st week (Preparation), 3rd week (Mid-Whole30), and 6th week (Reset and Reintroduction). Calls will be for roughly 1 hour and recorded if you can't make it.


Exclusive Facebook Group

Online space to get support all throughout the program

There will be a private FB group for all of those in the program. Here is a space to ask questions, share your wins and struggles, and get support from those who are also going through the program with you. There will be daily prompts, encouragement and tips shared as well!


Essential Oil Trainings

Natural solutions at your finger tips

Each week, there will be a video training released around essential oils and wellness products that can support you in the area of health we are talking about that week. If you already have essential oils this would be a great time to start using them again! If not, this is a great time to start learning :) These are great tools to naturally care for your health all around and detox naturally.


1:1 Coaching

Get the 1:1 support you need to be successful on the Whole30!

For those who know that having a coach to support them 1:1 is something that would really help them succeed during the Whole30, I am offering (2) spots for 1:1 coaching which includes (3) 45-minute coaching sessions during the 6 weeks.  

The cost of this is $499 USD.

What People are Saying...



Deborah Baildam , Interior Decorator

I've always struggled with my digestion and after 10 years, I was ready to get help. I immediately thought of Brianna as she had led the nutrition talk when I first joined Crossfit about a year ago. I saw her as the most approachable person to help me. Although I was embarrassed because of my intolerances and symptoms, after our first initial meeting I knew we were on the same page and she knew what she was doing.

During our program, we worked together in a number of different ways. We had (3) 1 hour long meetings where one of those we spent walking around the supermarket choosing relevant foods together. She also sent me daily emails with thoughts for the day and recipe ideas and she was always at my beck and call if I had any questions. For example if my friends were getting a takeaway and I’d panic about what I could have - she got back to me immediately with some food choices.

As a result of her program I was able to lose some weight, eat appropriately for the exercise I did in Crossfit, and also get to the bottom of what foods were causing my digestive issues.

I would absolutely recommend Brianna to others as not only was she reliable and knowledgeable, she was friendly, helpful and easy to talk to during and between our 1:1 sessions.

If you are ready to take your physical health seriously and finally reach your health goals and get to the bottom of issues you've struggled with for awhile, Brianna and her Whole30 Made Easy Program is for you!



Carolyn , Accountant

During the Whole30 Challenge Brianna helped me with, my clothes definitely were fitting better and I lost about 12 lbs which was great. I learned a lot of things about different foods and I'm really embracing all coconut products, seeds and nuts! I'm trying to keep up with a lot of the good habits and so far so good! Thanks Brianna for all of the encouragement! I also really liked the essential oils clean living pack I bought!



Terrence K. , Accountant

The Whole 30 challenge is about more than clean eating. Instead, it looks at your habits, goals and ambitions and allows for in-depth self-reflection far greater than expected. Ranging from how you spend the hours in your day to questioning the values that carried you this far in your journey - the Whole 30 challenge has provided me reestablishing my why.

The aspects of the daily e-mails by Brianna during the challenge that were most beneficial was the focus towards your overall well-being. This helped me focus on obstacles I faced such as anxiety eating late at night, helping me sleep better and being more self-aware of my mood throughout the day.

The feedback Brianna gave me in the beginning to adjust my meal plan and get-off keto has tremendously helped in terms of energy, mood and well being.

I have decided that I am continuing the Whole 30 lifestyle approach versus the "challenge" and incorporating this into my everyday life!

Thank you, Brianna!



Crispin Myles , Musician

I started working with Brianna because I was into health and nutrition myself and wanted to learn more so that I could experience exceptional health personally and also so that I could help others. I had heard from others how enthusiastic and professional she was, and also how she was coaching health with a Christian perspective. I also knew her personally.

Originally I hesitated to start coaching because of the monetary investment, but I also believe that the health coach had good intentions with helping her community and she does, in fact, provide a service which is worth the cost! It all makes sense when put together!

My main goal was wanted to achieve a higher level of personal health and nutrition – a greater understanding of these topics and how to achieve optimal health and to eventually help others in that same achievement.

I really enjoyed working with Brianna. She is very professional, yet down to earth. Caymanian at heart. Christian spirit is at the root of everything.

Brianna has a listening ear, takes notes, and has tons of resources to help give you the tools you need whether you are doing the Whole30 or trying to help others in their health and life. Brianna helped me through the Whole30 program which changed the way I viewed food and the food choices I make.

I would definitely recommend her to others. She is good at what she does, is very knowledgeable and concise, and is passionate about seeing others thrive in their whole health and life (especially physically through the Whole30!)

This IS for you if...

  • You are ready to move from a place of discouragement and defeat in your whole health and life journey, to a place of freedom, victory and empowerment
  • You are ready to find a way of eating and taking care of your physical health that is both joyful and sustainable
  • You are ready to banish negative thoughts holding you back and develop a mindset of truth, faith, and success in every goal you put your mind too
  • You are committed to change and transformation in your whole health and will put the work in to see it come to past
  • You are ready to be held accountable and have a coach and a community to support you along the way
  • You are ready to support the others in the community with encouragement, accountability and even your own unique talents, skills and expertise

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix in your health goals and aren’t willing to do the hard work necessary to see true, and lasting success
  • You want to just learn but not apply the recommendations and steps to help you move forward in your health
  • You are comfortable where you are at in your health and life and don’t want to change 
  • You want to get support from others but aren’t willing to support or encourage others in the community
  • You want aren’t willing to commit to the necessary time needed to shift your mindset and habits to see powerful results and lasting transformation in your health and life

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