Cleanse and Detox Month - January 2018

Check out the free trainings, resources and programs available to help you cleanse and detox this month and year, naturally :)

You will find:
7 Tips to Cleanse and Detox Naturally Workbook + Series
Cleanse and Detox with Whole30 and Essential Oil Masterclasses
 Whole30 Made Easy Program
Essential Oils Information


My name is Brianna Wilkerson and I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach and Essential Oils Advocate. I got my coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and started her business Made Well after finding freedom and victory in my own health journey and desire to empower others to be healthy and thrive in all areas of their lives. I also have a background in accounting and have my MBA.

Although I started out as a health coach in my coaching practice, I also focus on helping others ro thrive in their whole health and life through purpose, business, and financial coaching, as well as using essential oils.

I live in the Cayman Islands with her husband and am truly passionate about women finding victory in all areas of their lives including their health, worth, identity, businesses, and purpose in this world.

​So excited you are here and can't wait to support you this month and year in cleansing and detoxing naturally!

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7 Tips to Cleanse and Detox Naturally

I collaborated with Hannah Parker, Thyroid Nutrition Coach, to bring you this workbook + training series that will help you:

1) Why cleansing and detoxing naturally is important
2) How to cleanse and detox naturally with 7 simple tips
3) Reach your physical health goals in a sustainable and natural way

Grab your copy below and let's start cleansing and detoxing naturally!

Cleanse and Detox with Whole30 & Essential Oil Masterclasses

Learn how you can detox your body, skin and home with the Whole30 Program and Essential Oils!

What you'll learn in the Whole30 Masterclass:

  • How cleanse and detoxing can be done naturally and enjoyably by eating real foods and caring for your body with simple habits and natural solutions
  • What the Whole30 Elimination Eating Program is and how it can help you cleanse and detox naturally
  • The three different phases of the Whole30 program: Preparation, Reset and Reintroduction
  • The 6 Types of Whole30 Resets and how to choose one that fits your health goals and needs 
  • How you can detox through the 7 PIllars of Physical Health - nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, digestion, reduce toxic load, mindset and habits 
  • How you can get support from Brianna to do the Whole30 and care for all areas of your physical health in her Whole30 Made Easy Program 6 Week Program, starting January 22nd, 2018

What you'll learn in the Essential Oils Masterclass:

  • Learn the basics of essential oils (what they are, how you use them, why doTERRA etc.)
  • Discover essential oils and wellness products to suit your unique cleanse and detox goals 
  • Discover essential oils and products to help you detox through proper nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, skin care, personal hygiene, and cleaning solutions
  • Learn how you can get started with essential oils and the support Brianna offers around your essential oil education and journey

Videos of these masterclasses are only available for purchase below, but you can also attend the In-Person classes to learn more and get some bonus goodies on the 11th, 18th, and 27th!

Just click the buttons below to learn more!

Whole30 Made Easy Program

Are you tired of trying multiple diets and eating plans with no long term gain or result?
Are you ready to find a way of eating that not only works for you, but is filled with nutritious and FUN foods?

Then the Whole30 Made Easy Program is for you.

The Whole30 Made Easy 6 Week Program is designed to help individuals go through the Whole30 program with the support they need to succeed and see the transformation/results they long for.
For those that don't know what the Whole30, it's is an eating program where you eliminate certain foods for 30 days to see how you feel, and how they impact your body. And then you reintroduce them after.
There are 6 different types of resets, but the full Whole30 is where you eliminate any form of sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, and preservatives
Basically, the program will run from January 22nd - March 4th and include one week of preparation, four weeks of the Whole30 and one week of reintroduction.

Learn more about what's included in the program in the button below! And if you have any questions, book a discovery call!

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