7 Pillars of Essential Oil Education

I’m passionate about education.

If you know me, you will always know what I am currently learning because I will talk about it all the time, everywhere.

This is simply because I’m passionate about sharing information and experiences that have empowered me, with the intention of empowering others.

This passion to empower is one of the main reasons I started sharing about essential oils back in March of 2016. I had experienced hope through using some essential oils that soothed the pain in my wrist from a bad case of tendinitis. And from there, I KNEW I had to not just empower others in their health and life through coaching, but also through essential oils.

So I started doing 1:1 consulations, teaching classes, holding webinars and even training those on my team how to not just use the oils, but share them with others.

But as I started doing this, I recognized more and more how many either 1) have never used essential oils and have no idea where to start or 2) have used essential oils (particular doTERRA – the brand I use and advocate for), but had no base of education to continue to use their oils.

And that just broke my heart and I wanted to do something about it.

So last week, in addition to my private FB group for team members, I decided to do more Essential Oils Education on my blog, FB Page and Instagram and my FREE Health and Life Coaching group.

And can I tell you how EXCITED I AM? Beyond excited!

Here are the 7 pillars I’ll be unpacking:

  • Basics
  • Science
  • Sourcing
  • Safety
  • Uses
  • Emotions
  • Testimonies

Below I go a bit more in to depth as to what each pillar entails and that at the end, invite you to check out an Essential Oils 101 Webinar + Series that will educate you more about the basics of essential oils and doTERRA.

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I’m all about foundations and making sure people understand the WHY behind what they are doing or using, or wanting to do or use – especially with essential oils!

There are SO many beautiful essential oils out there and each one has so much beauty to uncover.

Out of the roughly 17,500 aromatic plants that could be converted into essential oils, roughly only 400 are sold on the commercial market.

Aromatherapists and scientists have been careful to offer consumers essential oils they have researched, tested, and have evidence to help us. Although many of the ones yet commercially produced could provide benefits, we want to focus on the ones that are available for use and have been tested.

doTERRA has roughly 100 single essential oils and essential oil blends that they offer. A few of these are some common ones, and not so common ones!

  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Melaleuca
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus

And SO much more!

To check out some of these oils, you can check out their product guide >>HERE<<.



There is SO much science around essential oils!

Within the last few months, I’ve been learning so much about the oils and their CONSTITUENTS and CHEMICAL FAMILIES.

Both of these are super important in regards to understanding the essential oil more and their uses and benefits.

Although I am still learning, I’m hoping on Tuesdays in the doTERRA Essential Oil Education Group to share more about the science and research around the essential oils and how that impacts how you USE them, their BENEFITS, and what’s happening BEHIND THE SCENES physiologically and psychologically when you use them.

For example, did you know that when you SMELL an essential oil that it communicates to your Limbic System to respond a certain way via memories, emotions, and behaviors? Yes! Scent and aroma is powerful and these essential oils can greatly impact your health and life when used properly and wisely.


One of the first things that drew me to doTERRA was their heart and passion for quality and purity – yes – but their heart for people.

You see, doTERRA has chosen to source their oils from certain places to ensure great quality in the GROWING CONDITIONS (climate, temperature, quality of soil, amount of rainfall, altitude) and HARVESTING CONDITIONS (how, when, etc).

However, that’s not what completely attracted me when it came to their sourcing. It was their Co-Impacting Sourcing initiatives that drew me in.

You see, rather than just purchase the oil from these various countries, doTERRA has made it a priority to support the local community and farmers in meaningful ways. Whether that’s through FAIR WAGES, BETTER LIVING CONDITIONS, MICROLOANS, and so much more, doTERRA truly cares about their partners and that to me is something I always want in someone I partner with and represent as well.

As much as I can, when I share about each oil, I will share about the sourcing of the oil as well 🙂

Check out a youtube video >>HERE<< to learn more about doTERRA’s sourcing.


There have been concerns throughout the years about the safety of essential oils.

Questions such as:

  •  Which oils are safe to put on my skin?
  •  Which ones are safe to ingest if any?
  • Which ones are safe for certain demographics (children, pregnant women, elderly, those on existing medications, etc.)?
  • How much should I use of each oil per day?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading around the Safety of the oils as well as taking a course on it and it’s all so fascinating and also really just makes it clear that it’s totally safe to use essential oils, but it’s just all about knowing 1) which ones to use, 2) what ways to use them, and 3) how much to use!

So whenever I talk about an essential oil in the education group or here on the blog, I will make sure to share as much as I can around the safety of it!


One of my GREATEST passions when it comes to essential oils is people knowing HOW to use them.

Far too often do we learn about essential oils but aren’t sure how to use them. We may even have some but aren’t sure how to use them.

So going forward, whenever I share about an essential oil here in the doTERRA Essential Oil FB Education Group, I will share:

  • Some practical uses for the oil
  • Which oils to use aromatically, internally or typically how much of each oil to use and when, as well as some testimonies of the results people have gotten from using the oils.
  • How much of each oil to use and when
  • Testimonies of the results people have gotten from using the oils.


One of the most well-studied areas of aroma research is the effect of smell on EMOTIONS and MOOD.

The SMELL receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the LIMBIC SYSTEM of the brain, an area that governs the body’s EMOTIONAL responses.

This close connection between AROMA and EMOTION becomes obvious in our everyday life as certain odors trigger MEMORIES or specific FEELINGS. Some AROMAS directly impact MOOD (for example calming, balancing, or invigorating), while others trigger memories of a specific experience, often one tied to a strong EMOTION.

Intriguing new research has also helped us recognize that the benefits of AROMA extend far beyond just EMOTIONAL regulation.

In addition to influencing the limbic region of the BRAIN, olfactory centers are also intricately linked with the hypothalamus, an area of the BRAIN more familiarly nicknamed the “visceral control center” because it controls physiologic functions throughout the body. The hypothalamus exerts its POWERFUL influence by interacting directly with the pituitary gland, or “master gland,” a small gland located in the BRAIN.

The pituitary gland secretes hormones involved in the regulation of BLOOD PRESSURE, HUNGER and THIRST signals, THYROID function, SLEEP cycles, production of sexual HORMONES, and MEMORY, among other things.

Because of the direct link of the olfactory system to this area of the brain, AROMA is capable of interacting directly with the hypothalamus, influencing neurochemistry throughout the body, and, in turn, potentiating POWERFUL health outcomes.

Thus, the aroma from essential oils has a HUGE impact on us mentally, physically and emotionally! So we will be sure to look at that for each oil going forward.


No matter what it is, we all want to hear about someone else’s experience with something to truly validate its value.

And the same is true of essential oils!

When I first started sharing about essential oils, I actually just shared my own testimony with the oils and the basic 10 essential oils.

And as I shared more with oils with others and heard about their testimonies, I started to share those testimonies as well!

Essential oils have so much power and I can’t wait to share more testimonies of them with you all!


If you are looking to learn more about the basics of essential oils, the science, safety, and uses for them, be sure to check check out the Essential Oils 101 Webinar + Series which will give you access to a webinar + series where you can get support as you learn more about doTERRA essential oils! 

Go >>HERE<< to get access to the webinar and series!

P.S. If you would like to talk 1:1 about starting out with essential oils and which one suits your needs best, book a 30 minute 1:1 essential oils consultation >>HERE<<.

(Note – I’ve now transferred everything to the FREE Health and Life Coaching Group, so click >>HERE<< here to get continued education re: essential oils as well as follow my FB page >>HERE<< and Instagram >>HERE<<.)

By Brianna Wilkerson

I'm Brianna Wilkerson and I'm a Holistic Health and Life Coach with my business, Made Well. I'm passionate about seeing others made well in all areas of their lives! I'm also an avid essential oils lover and am passionate about others learning how they can be natural solutions for their lives as well. I'm excited to serve you on your holistic health journey through Made Well! P.S. If you're interested in receiving support and accountability in your health, business and purpose journey, be sure to check out the different support groups and services I offer -->http://bit.ly/work-with-me-made-well

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