Enjoying Exercise Again

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Be Healthy and Thrive Podcast!

My name is Brianna Wilkerson from Made Well, holistic coaching practice designed to empower others to be healthy and thrive in all areas of their lives.

I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach who just wants to help people love their lives. My heart is to empower women to overcome the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting and a chaotic life to finally experience lasting change and peace in all areas of their lives.

I’m also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and see them as an amazing natural solution that can help individuals thrive not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, and vocationally as well.

It is my absolute delight and pleasure to bring you this podcast and share with you all my heart and soul around truly being healthy and thriving in all areas of your life!

In this fifth episode, we are going to be talking about Enjoying Exercise Again with four amazing women who come for a variety of exercise and fitness backgrounds!

Meet Your Panel Below!

Jennifer Brown Wegman is a NETA Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  Licensed to teach Zumba, POUND, Bodypump and several other formats, Jen loves bringing smiles to the faces of her participants while getting fit at the same time.

Staci Stills, RN, BSN, MS, AAFA GEX  is a Health and Wellness coach, author of inspirational Ebook “When It Rains, It Pours”, and motivational speaker. She is the founder of My3Sons Health and Wellness and is known as the 15-Minute Home Workout Queen for her Virtual Fitness Studio, Tighten N Tone at Home. Staci assists MOMS with getting FIT (Fabulous, Irresistible, and Totally Hot) in mind, body, and spirit through exercise, eating healthy and self-love. She evokes CHANGE that leads to improved quality of life for women and their

Lou Melchiorre, MSEd, ATC, CSCS, RYT, ACSM-cPT,  is a Mind-Body Fitness Professional specializing in helping busy professional women feel healthier, less stressed, and more energetic, through yoga & Pilates inspired Self Care & Wellness programs.  She infuses her background in sports medicine & exercise science into her work to provide safe, fun, & effective mind-body wellness experiences.

Anya Perry is a Primal Health Coach, Educator, and CrossFit L1 trainer.  She helps female entrepreneurs to thrive in life through achieving optimal health.

In this fifth episode, you will learn more about:

  • Each of these four amazing fitness and wellness professionals on the podcast today
  • How you can enjoy exercise again!
  • Our speakers’ stories around fitness and exercise and what led them to where they are and what they do
  • Who our speakers work with and what that’s like PLUS solutions they offer viewers like you!
  • Tips and encouragement around exercise and fitness from our experts

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Jennifer Wegman’s:  7 Tips to Finding Your Rhythm in Group Fitness –  Stop staring at the group fitness classes and start participating in the fun.  These seven tips will set you up to walk into your first group fitness class feeling prepared to burn calories and have fun doing it.

Staci Still’s: 5-Day Fit Me Challenge is for the frustrated fitness goer, for the woman who has yet to take her fitness out of the friend zone and struggles to commit. Learn how to fit in fitness into your hectic ultra busy day, just 5 minutes at a time.  Because You Deserve It.  Plus daily email to keep you motivated on those days you feel like giving up.

Lou Melchiorre’s: FREE SPOT in the More Energy, Less Stress 4-Week Program -with daily yoga & Pilates-inspired classes in less than 20 minutes per day designed to give you the tools & structure you need to easily upgrade your self-care and wellness routine & integrate mini-retreats into your busy day so you can feel healthier, less stressed, and more energetic. (Value $197)

Anya Perry’s: Your personal fitness routine – a 30 min call with me to create the fitness plan you will love and look forward to it daily! If you have no idea how to get started or get back to fitness, if you are bored easily and have a specific goal in mind, this is for you

Brianna Wilkerson’s: Holistic Health Training for all subscribers to this Podcast! Will be an opportunity to identify which area of your health and life you most need support around and help you figure out steps forward

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By Brianna Wilkerson

I'm Brianna Wilkerson and I'm a Holistic Health and Life Coach with my business, Made Well. I'm passionate about seeing others made well in all areas of their lives! I'm also an avid essential oils lover and am passionate about others learning how they can be natural solutions for their lives as well. I'm excited to serve you on your holistic health journey through Made Well! P.S. If you're interested in receiving support and accountability in your health, business and purpose journey, be sure to check out the different support groups and services I offer -->http://bit.ly/work-with-me-made-well

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