The Biblical Wealth Principle of Multiplication and Maximization

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of the Be Healthy and Thrive Podcast!

My name is Brianna Wilkerson from Made Well, holistic coaching practice designed to empower others to be healthy and thrive in all areas of their lives.

I am a Holistic Health and Life Coach who just wants to help people love their lives. My heart is to empower women to overcome the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting and a chaotic life to finally experience lasting change and peace in all areas of their lives.

I’m also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils and see them as an amazing natural solution that can help individuals thrive not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, and vocationally as well.

It is my absolute delight and pleasure to bring you this podcast and share with you all my heart and soul around truly being healthy and thriving in all areas of your life!

In this thirteenth episode, Vanessa V. Ferreira (Money Mindset Mentor) joins me in talking about multiplying and maximizing your money using biblical wealth principles!

Vanessa V. Ferreira is a money mindset mentor for entrepreneurs who desire to be wealthy but not at the expense of their spirituality. The entrepreneurs that she works with are tired of living in a “feast or famine” cycle and always feeling that making money is hard. They are longing for and ready to create a business and lifestyle that they adore. Through her biblical approach, self-study and coaching programs, she has helped numerous new and wannabe entrepreneurs step into their own journey to financial freedom.

In this thirteenth episode, you will learn more about:

  • The Biblical Wealth Principle of Multiplying and Maximizing your money with Vanessa V. Ferreira!
  • All about Vanessa’s money journey, what she does as a money mindset mentor and her “why” that drives her desire for lifestyle and financial freedom (hint: she is a mom of 4!).
  • Her experience of being fired from a comfortable corporate job, how God guided her towards financial freedom through biblical wealth concepts and to mentoring others.
  • How you can start maximizing and multiplying your money working with what you have and where you are right now.
  • Where you can follow and get in touch with Vanessa online.
  • Vanessa’s giveaway that is specifically for podcast listeners like you!Be sure to check out the podcast below and grab your free gifts!

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Resources and People Mentioned:

Recommended books and resources:

  • Bible [If you are seeking Biblical Wealth Principles]
  • Books written by: Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins

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By Brianna Wilkerson

I'm Brianna Wilkerson and I'm a Holistic Health and Life Coach with my business, Made Well. I'm passionate about seeing others made well in all areas of their lives! I'm also an avid essential oils lover and am passionate about others learning how they can be natural solutions for their lives as well. I'm excited to serve you on your holistic health journey through Made Well! P.S. If you're interested in receiving support and accountability in your health, business and purpose journey, be sure to check out the different support groups and services I offer -->

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